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Instagram Marketing: Pro’s and Con’s

Pro’s and Con’s of Marketing on Instagram

Thinking of marketing on Instagram? How about you begin by learning some possible advantages and shortfalls of this marketing channel?


Target Your Audience

The owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg bought Instagram because he realized the marketing potential of this platform. Similar to its parent company, Instagram offers to target your ads to an audience of a certain income, parental status, etc. The third-party data from websites and apps you use can do a great job of delivering your ads to the right people.

Instagram Marketing: Pro's and Con's

The Value of Visual Graphics

Pictures and videos are the best ways to show off your products and services. Seeing is believing, which is why visual graphics can do wonders for your marketing. For example, if you are selling weight loss products, you can post pictures before and after using the product. Your target audience will be convinced of your product’s efficiency when they see the result in front of them.

Call to Action Buttons

Before they showed up, Instagram was mostly used for raising brand awareness. However, with the call to action (CTA) option, you can engage your viewers. When included in your post,“Sign Up” or “Shop Now” buttons give excellent results because they prompt users to make an action instead of just scrolling by your ad.


Younger Audience Is the Majority on Instagram

If you target teens or millennials, this is good news. But if a bit older users are your audience, there is a good chance they don’t even have an Instagram account. Yes, people of all ages come to Instagram every day, but the chances are that the average viewer of your ad will be young. If your product is more appropriate for the adult population, there is no use in teens reading your post. Go to our homepage if you to learn more about our APK hack for Instagram followers.

People Want to Waste Time, Not Money

When logging-in to their Instagram account, people just want to waste time and not buy anything. They usually open the app having in mind to check what their favorite celebrity has been doing recently. Instagram is not business-minded social media platform, and it can be tricky to make users think about buying your product.

Little Room for Content

Images and videos can go a long way, but sometimes they need an explanation on the side. Unfortunately, there is little space to do this on Instagram, which can make your desired message go off course. On this platform, you should forget about offering comprehensive information and focus solely on visual graphics, which can be tough.

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